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What are the characteristics of CNC lathe machining

Author:Shenzhen Sanporon Technology Co., LTD Click: Time:2023-01-01 20:09:31

                                     What are the characteristics of CNC lathe machining

CNC lathe machining is a high-precision and high-efficiency automatic machine tool, which adopts the machining method of digital information control element and tool displacement. The following is to understand the CNC lathe processing methods, which are generally divided into several types?


Process application classification of CNC lathe processing:


1. Ordinary CNC lathe processing. This kind of lathe processing is the same as the traditional ordinary lathe processing. There are machining methods such as CNC lathe, milling machine, boring machine, drilling machine and grinder. This CNC lathe processing technology may be similar to ordinary machine tools. The difference is that it can process parts with complex shapes.


2. CNC lathe processing. This kind of CNC turning is developed on the basis of ordinary NC turning. It is a kind of CNC lathe with automatic tool change device (also known as multi process CNC lathe or boring and milling machine machining center, commonly known as machining center), which makes the CNC lathe machining further develop in the direction of automation and high efficiency.


3. Multi coordinate CNC lathe machining. Some parts with complex shape, such as propeller and aircraft surface parts, can not be processed by three-dimensional CNC lathe. They need more than three-dimensional to process the required shape. Therefore, there is a multi coordinate NC lathe processing, which is characterized by a large number of axes controlled by the CNC device, the structure of the lathe is more complex, and the number of axes usually depends on the processing technology requirements of the processed parts.



Precision parts must have high precision, be more refined in practical application, better reflect the processing level and quality, more products and more consumers, and usually show that they have irreparable advantages and process characteristics in the processing process. Its product quality is usually very high, so what are the characteristics of lathe processing dense parts?


1. CNC precision parts have high production efficiency, can process and control the number of parts at the same time, can save multiple processes, save time, and the quality control of saving time and quantity is relatively stable.


2. Lathe machining precision parts processing plays a very important role in new product development. Generally speaking, we can process different complex parts through programming, modify and update the design, just replace the lathe, which greatly shortens the product development cycle.


3. The processing technology content of the corresponding CNC lathe is higher than that of ordinary automobile, which requires relatively high mental labor.


4. The initial investment is relative to the ordinary lathe. Because the price of CNC lathe is very high, its maintenance cost and initial processing time are long-term.


CNC lathe machining automatically processes parts according to the prefabricated machining program, compiles the machining process, process parameters, cutting tools, displacement, cutting parameters and auxiliary functions, compiles the machining program according to the instruction code and program format specified by the NC lathe machining machine, and records the content in this program. In the control medium, input the number of control units processed by the NC lathe in order to track the processing position of the machine tool.


CNC Turning Service


As a part of CNC machining, CNC Lathe turning refers to dealing with rotating workpieces using turning tools. mainly used for machining workpieces with rotating surfaces, such as shafts, discs, bushings, etc., and is most widely used in service fields such as machinery manufacturing, aerospace, and auto parts manufacturing.


Here are some of our CNC Turning Parts Service , as shown in the table below.

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2 High Precision CNC Turning Parts

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8 Professional CNC Turning Anodized Parts

9 Medical titanium turning parts

10 Precision CNC Turning Steel Parts



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