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CNC machining service

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                                                                              CNC machining service

CNC milling, CNC turning, and CNC turn-milling compound are the most common types of NC manufacturing on the market, and our companies specializing in precision NC machining can usually provide more detailed NC machining services.


The most common precision CNC machining services include milling,turning, cutting, drilling and grinding. These functions can be programmed by CNC into a single unit, or the unit can have several machine tool heads that participate in specific tasks.


CNC turning is a precision NC machining method in which the workpiece is rotated adjacent to a rotating single point tool. Lathes, such as turret lathes, engine lathes, and engine purpose lathes, are the most common tools used in turning operations.


CNC milling, sometimes referred to as NC turning, is a CNC precision machining process most commonly used by manufacturers to carve materials. Milling is a precision machining process that involves removing excess material from a product with a rotating tool. There are many factories involved. End mills, chamfer mills, and spiral mills are examples of this type of milling cutter. People call it CNC turning because the machine rotates as it works. CNC milling machines are well suited for engraving because they work with lathes, such as cutters and taper tools, on multiple axes at the same time. Manufacturers can perform CNC turning quickly without sacrificing quality.


CNC cutting involves the use of various tools and processes (such as lasers, blades, plasma cutting, water jet cutting, etc.) to remove material from the workpiece with the help of NC technology. The goal of CNC cutting is to shape or finish a 2D or 3D part or product to close tolerances.


CNC drilling refers to the use of machines to drill or drill threads of different shapes and sizes under the guidance of computer software. Drilling is a precision machining method that uses a rotating multi-point drill bit to create cylindrical holes in the raw material/workpiece. Manufacturers can modify CNC drilling machines to drill into a variety of materials. CNC drilling efficiency is high, the effect is good. Some examples of industries where manufacturers use CNC drilling include military and defense, entertainment, automotive manufacturing, aerospace, agriculture, pharmaceutical processing, chemical processing, and food and beverage.


CNC grinding is a CNC machining process in which CNC software controls the abrasive belt, grinding disc, or grinding wheel. Abrasive components complete the machining of parts and products by removing unnecessary surface materials.


CNC plasma cutters use powerful lasers to cut. Most plasma cutters cut a programmed shape from a sheet or sheet.


Precision CNC machining, using coded programming instructions, allows the workpiece to be cut and shaped to specifications without the need for manual intervention by the machine operator. Precision CNC machining is often the manufacturing method of choice for many tiny parts and components, used in a wide variety of production products.


In addition to drilling, grinding, milling and cutting, ancillary services such as finishing, anodizing, heat treatment, lapping, stress relief and polishing can be performed with special CNC equipment.



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