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The advantages of CNC machining

Author:Shenzhen Sanporon Technology Co., LTD Click: Time:2022-12-31 21:32:03

              The advantages of CNC machining

Computer numerical control (CNC) machining is a process of making parts with the highest accuracy and efficiency. It uses specialized software customized and programmed with G-code, a language that allows precise control of parameters such as speed, position, coordination and feed rate. Its ability to eliminate human error makes it an important component of manufacturing components for high-precision products.


CNC machining offers many benefits. First, when manufacturers store CNC machinery in their facilities, they greatly reduce the need for manpower. During operation, one worker can monitor multiple machines simultaneously. Second, CNC machining is very versatile. Manufacturers can make amazing changes in materials. Third, they can create products of any shape or size, and can process almost any tolerances and complexities. Fourth, it can produce a lot of products so quickly. Fifth, CNC machining provides repeatable results. These results are consistently of high quality.


1. Production efficiency of the machine




CNC machine tools can be programmed to automatically perform a series of complex operations, thereby increasing the output of production. They are more efficient than manual processing, they can work all the time and don't need to rest as often as humans do. In addition, less time is spent on machine setup. Once the design parameters and specifications have been coded, the machine is ready to work and produce a large number of products.


2. Reduce versatility

CNC machining allows for a wide range of cuts. There are countless shapes, intricate designs and configurations that can be CNC machined. It can process things that can't be done by hand. It can process a variety of materials, including aluminum, brass, copper, polypropylene, steel and wood.


3. Product quality is consistent

CNC machining is more accurate than manual machining, ensuring the consistency of product quality. It eliminates human error and has an accuracy of less than one thousandth. By using a standardized programming language, complex geometric shapes can be repeatedly generated according to precise specifications. For example, CNC milling machines, which typically have three - to six-axis configurations, can cut various materials in the same way over and over again. The usual addition of three axes (X, Y, Z) allows for easy rotation, enabling consistent production of more complex parts.


4. It's safer

During manual processing, the operator is at risk of injury from cutting, friction, impact and puncture. CNC machining is much safer than manual machining because the operator is working behind a shield or a closed transparent security door. After setting up and testing procedures, CNC machine tools can work independently and safely produce accurate products


5. Cost-effectiveness benefits

Manual processing of each machine requires an operator, and extensive training activities and artifacts are required to enable personnel to do so safely. In CNC machining, on the other hand, a trained operator can run multiple autonomous CNC machines at the same time, and a programmer can load the required design. Greatly reduced training costs, but also reduced labor costs, in addition, CNC machine tools have a higher rate of output and lower waste generation, which is more long-term profits.



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